Terms & Conditions

Trading Terms

We would ask customers to please note the Terms and Conditions of Trading listed below regarding work produced by Web Space Invaders in relation to all website packages and bespoke projects as detailed on our website:

All work produced by Web Space Invaders will be charged as quoted on the Quotation/Invoice. Part payment for this work will be required at the time of order in accordance with the payment invoice.

Monthly Payments MUST be made by standing order, any late payment will be processed in our automated billing service procedure and could incur charges should the customer fail to pay.

Automated Billing Procedure: Web Space Invaders automated billing is initiated when a client fails to pay a monthly bill or is late paying. It will email the customer notification of non-payment offering a time frame to pay. Should this be ignored the client will then receive another email explaining that if payment is not received their services will be suspended. (Suspension of services includes temporary removal of website and all email solutions.) If suspension occurs Web Space Invaders may charge the customer to restore their service.

All deviations from the scope of the original specifications as detailed in the Quotation/Invoice will incur additional costs which are charged at hourly rate plus expenses and materials used during production. A charge may be made on every subsequent alteration, addition or amendment made by the client after the work has been produced. When style, type or layout are left at the discretion of Web Space Invaders, changes made by the customer shall be charged accordingly. This does not affect maintenance agreements and those should be viewed in the terms below.

Maintenance Agreements, where issued, are subject to monthly payment and can be cancelled in writing by the client with 30 days notice at anytime. If a contract has been made then this will govern the period. If the agreement is cancelled, all terms bound by this agreement become null and void. The agreement is detailed in the invoice or proposal given to the client and will be maintained on that basis. Web Space Invaders reserve the right to change or cancel the agreement at anytime and will give written notice to the customer of any such intent.

All work will be carried out as quickly as circumstances permit and every endeavour will be made to meet deadlines, but no guarantee is given. Web Space Invaders will not accept any liability consequent of customers failing to meet any commitments given by themselves.

Although Web Space Invaders will make every effort to ensure that work meets with the customer's specifications, the customer will have the sole responsibility for checking that work is produced in accordance with their specifications and instructions. Web Space Invaders accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions made during composition, nor for any expenses or losses incurred as a result of any such errors or omissions. No allowances will be given for such matters.

Web Space Invaders accepts no responsibility for loss of earning, loss of work or payment should the client have a problem with the site or their email, due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control.

Domain name transfers: Web Space Invaders does not charge to import .co.uk’s however other domains are chargeable at the current rate. Should you wish to terminate your services with Web Space Invaders, then an administration charge may be incurred to move your domain name to your new host, this is completely at our discretion.

Hosting and Technical Support: Web Space Invaders will charge the customer a nominal fee per month to host their website. This includes technical support for email, website and back-up facilities. Web Space Invaders hosting is offered via a third party company based in Canada.

Email: Web Space Invaders offers its customers email solutions at a chargeable rate. (Normally inclusive of monthly hosting fee.) Web Space Invaders is not responsible for any emails of any nature (Spam, deformation etc) sent to, or received by the client or its customers. This product comes with technical support and a webmail access, allowing customers to log into their email anywhere in the world. Web Space Invaders will endeavour to offer its customers the highest level of service but cannot guarantee up-time, due to the nature of the internet.

Copyright of the site belongs to Web Space Invaders, however the content of the site belongs to the client. Should the customer wish to end their agreement with Web Space Invaders then the website will be passed to them in the format of a Compact Disc or DVD-ROM. This will only be done if the client has paid in full for the site.

Web Space Invaders will not be held liable for any loss or claim against any work produced by the client or any third party for defamation or association. Responsibility for trade mark or copyright registration for such work relies solely with the client unless Web Space Invaders are specifically requested to register such work.

Registration of any Domain Name on behalf of the client will pass to such client upon full payment to Web Space Invaders of all costs incurred during registration process. Transfer of Domain Name [including all Domain Name ‘Tags’ and any other such details] to any third party Servers will be undertaken immediately providing full payment of Domain Name Registration has been received.

Web Space Invaders reserve the right to cancel and withdraw all internet services hosted on Server facilities if payment is not received or if other circumstances permit Web Space Invaders to do so.

Web Space Invaders reserve the right to withdraw immediately any material submitted by a client [or third party acting on behalf of client] or server facility if this is deemed inappropriate with our company ethos or contains inflammatory, racist, sexual, offensive, libellous or defamatory remarks relating to any individual or company immediately and without prior notice.

Any concerns or queries arising from work undertaken by Web Space Invaders must be reported within 7 elapsed days of publication of website. In accordance with our ethos, we are a company of integrity and operate as such with honesty and transparency. Any such issues will be given our full attention and addressed as soon as possible to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Marketing Solutions: Search Engine Submission, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Word Specific Campaign. Web Space Invaders will endeavour to offer the highest support possible to optimising its customers' web sites. Although every care will be made to ensure the best support possible Web Space Invaders cannot guarantee specific positioning or immediate entry to Search Engines. Marketing is offered via many solutions and in doing so incurs costs, it does not come with any guarantee of success due to the nature of different clients, products and services.

Web Space Invaders will not be liable for any loss of earning regarding customers websites or email whatsoever and from Search Engine Submission, SEO and Word Specific Campaigns or any other marketing campaign.

The Word Adwords and Google are Trademarks of Google inc.

All our Terms and Conditions of Trading are governed by and subject to English Law.