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Database Design

Why a Database?

Many of our web sites use a database. You might not even realise it. Whether it's for news and announcements, a searchable directory of locations, or just a guest book, dynamic web sites are powered by a database. It lets us generate data-driven content to your site fast!


We host our professional sites on Microsoft Windows Server, linked to a Microsoft SQL Database Server. This gives the best performance regardless of database size, the number of concurrent users or volume of data requests. The database is backed-up off-site on a regular basis (usually nightly), and on request we can even provide you with backups for your own archive purposes.


The database is ONLY accessible by your web site. Queries to the database server are only accepted from our host, and any request for information is not visible to the visitor. All source for the active server pages is executed on the server, so the end-user is not aware of the internals.

Additionally, any sensitive payment details are stored in encrypted format, and removed once processed.

Database Creation

We have many years of experience in database design, management and implementation. We can build a bespoke database to match your needs. If you already have a database of some form we may even be able to optimise it with normalisation or indexes.

Data Import

We can import existing data from most common sources you can supply, such as Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, even comma-delimited text files from MS-DOS applications!