What's on offer...

What is hosting?

Every web site requires hosting. In theory you could host a web site on any suitable PC with the correct software installed. We use such machines in-house during development of your web site, but your web server must be permanently connected to the internet on reliable server hardware.

Where is your site?

Web servers can be anywhere in the world, and either dedicated to delivering a single web site, or more commonly, hosting many web sites at once. We have a working relationship with a big-name internet company in the UK who host sites on our behalf. We can handle all of the arrangements for you.

What about reliability?

We have a reliable service uptime, and direct administrator access to our servers. If we haven't corrected a performance issue when you report it, we'll usually take immediate action. We aim to solve 100% of technical issues within one hour during office hours, and this has rarely been necessary.

Can you host your own web site?

Not usually. To provide technical support for updates and maintenance, we would insist on hosting the web site on your behalf. There are software requirements for the hosting machine to provide feedback forms, traffic statistics and active server pages that we would not be able to install or support on your own hardware. If you ultimately insist on your own hosting arrangements we will provide you with the hardware and software requirements.

For intranet solutions, where the web server is on your own premises, the installation process would include such details and we would recommend an IT support agreement with one of our business partners.